Why would anyone be a CFO for hire?

There are many reasons that someone might take on the CFO role as an Interim CFO or Part-Time CFO.  Most frequently, I believe it relates to the ability to help multiple companies while maintaining flexibility.

What should I do when my bank questions my financial statements?

Frequently a banker is looking for a level of confidence in the activities of the company.  An inexperienced person may be inadvertently raise questions for the banker in how they present financial information.  Prior to submitting the information to the bank your accountant should review the presentation and make suggestions as to the formats as well as giving check figures to your bookkeeper to avoid errors or inconsistencies.  A Part-Time CFO can help avoid these issues.

Why is my chart of accounts important?

Not only does your chart of accounts give you the right place to put various expenditures, a well constructed chart will facilitate financial reporting and more meaningful financial analysis.  An Interim CFO can help with projects like this.